Accurate use of artisans can improve hands-on ability

- Dec 19, 2017-

Know how to love yourself before you can love what you love. Knife is the most common day to day things, from the use of knives can see a person's ability to start. The utility knife is a kind of knife used in art and handicrafts, mostly composed of two parts, plastic handle and blade, which is a pull-type structure. The model is recommended to use a knife with a metal knife. In the usual days of using tools to cut wood, bamboo and other objects, usually one hand to hold the object, the other with a knife, blade outward, from inside to outside the knife. In the opposite direction, once the force is not properly, it will become a self-mutilation. Small local cutting objects really need to move the knife inside, holding the object in one hand, and the other a knife holding the thumb board with objects hard work in the use of the utility knife must pay attention to safety, thin and sharp blade special Simple hand hurt, and trauma is not easy to stop bleeding. When the knife is not severely injured, must first disinfect and then stop bleeding, to ensure that trauma is not infected. For men who love to start, small medicine boxes should be essential to the home.