How to choose how to make a utility knife blade

- Dec 25, 2017-

The material used to create the utility knife blade must have high high temperature hardness and abrasion resistance, the necessary flexural strength, impact toughness and chemical lazyness, outstanding processability. Generally when the material hardness is high, wear resistance is also high. High flexural strength, high impact toughness. However, the higher the hardness of the material, the lower the flexural strength and impact toughness. Because of its high flexural strength and impact toughness, and its outstanding machinability, HSS is still the most widely used knife blade, followed by cemented carbide. Utility knife blade products in many cases is a consumable, the purchase of his customers on the knife manufacturer's price is very sensitive. Therefore, the choice of materials will take some time, that is, to ensure the quality of the product but also to reduce the cost of the product, there have been many new technologies to accelerate the development of this area. The cost of raising the product can be based on the product yield, because the high yield can reduce costs, the development of modern production technology has accelerated this progress.