How to use the utility knife?

- Dec 14, 2017-

Due to the utility knife is particularly sharp to use, so be sure to pay great attention to use, use the method to be correct, otherwise prone to accidents, broken fingers, causing injury.

Utility knife manufacturers introduce us to the proper use of knives need to pay attention to the matter:

1, the use of utility knife, do not put your hand under the knife, so you will not hurt your fingers;

2, when using the utility knife, the vertical paper to use a utility knife;

3, in use, the blade angle of about 30 degrees;

4, to grasp the correct posture of utility knife in use, and then organize and modify;

5, when using a utility knife, firmly not to the art to the people, so as to avoid missing hand wounds;

6, pay attention to the timely replacement of unpleasant tools, improve work efficiency;

7, when using the utility knife, pay attention to the direction from the negative to hand cutting;

8, when not in use to put it away, so as to avoid unnecessary harm;

9, utility knife manufacturers remind the use of utility knife, the blade should not be too long, otherwise it is not conducive to the use of utility knife.