Utility knife features and methods of use

- Dec 21, 2017-

Knives are also commonly known as knives or wallpaper knife knife, is a fine arts and handicrafts knife, mainly used to cut the soft texture of things (for example: thin plywood, plastic, paper products, cartons, etc.) mostly plastic knives Shank and blade are some of the two, for the pull-type structure. There is also a metal handle, blades and more for the ramp, with a blunt piece of body can be crossed off the line, showing a new blade, easy to use. There are many types of utility knife size. Usage: The utility knife is generally used only when the normal use of some, cut, carved, RBI is the primary function of contrast. Because the blade is very fragile, can not be used to extend the length of the blade, the hardness and durability of the other blade (art knife which is the concept of two) also because of the blade texture is not the same as different. Knife handle selection should also be based on hand type to choose, as well as grip knife gestures are generally described in the back of the package blade differences: knife and knife difference is that the knife knife blade is short, thick blade, sharp consolidation is particularly suitable for Carving a variety of solid materials such as wood, stone and even metal materials; utility knife blade length, tip for the ramp, thin blade, can be used for carving and cutting loose thin information such as paper, soft wood.