Utility knife manufacturers teach you how to use a utility knife

- Dec 23, 2017-

Utility knife manufacturers not only pay attention to product quality, but also concerned about the user's utility knife comfort and safety. The use of utility knives in the renovation is more, the use of the knife blade pushed out, we will hear da da sound, then the utility knife is automatically fixed, which is now the utility knife are With this function, this function is very easy to use, transferred to the appropriate length, you can use, if the length is too long, you can press the middle of the utility knife flexible button, you can adjust the length of the back, and not Get this button can not be adjusted later. In the use of utility knife tangential force must be appropriate, so as to better maintain the utility knife, if you find the front of the utility knife is not very sharp, you can break the previous section with pliers off, revealing the back of a section As sharp as the new, the use of utility knife must pay attention to safety, can not let it be zoned. Do not have to retract the blade to the body when not in use.