Utility Knife Manufacturing Process

- Jul 12, 2018-

Utility Knife Manufacturing Process

The plastic utility knife is mainly composed of a plastic casing, a blade, an inner core, a fitting, etc., and is put into storage after being packaged. The specific process and production process of the product are as follows:

1, plastic shell molding

PP, ABS, polystyrene- poly compounding (matched with  Color master) - Injection molding-Trimming- Plastic casing- semi-finished warehouse.

The plastic shell is mainly formed by mixing PP or ABS, polystyrene, polyoxymethylene and other plastics with the masterbatch, and then feeding it into the shape of the desired product to form a plastic part for the inner core shell. After that, it is sent to the semi-finished warehouse.

2, core molding, external processing

Cold rolled steel-Stamping-Electroplating-Making inner core-Semi-finished warehouse

After the cold-rolled steel is punched into the inner core of the desired shape, it is sent to an external unit for electroplating processing, and the finished product is temporarily stored in the warehouse.

3, Assembly

Assembly of inner cores, blades, plastic cabinet, and other accessories.

4, Packaging

Through high-frequency hot-pressed products for packaging, after inspection then packaged into the warehouse.