What are the characteristics of the utility knife blade material

- Dec 24, 2017-

Art blade material: Artisan blade material selection of high carbon steel, fine grinding, the use of argon quenching process, the blade is hard and not brittle, Sharp Lee by the appropriate leather, rubber, plastic and other information cut. Art blade than the average blade by more than twice. Most domestic art blade is used 60 # steel, this information should be attributed to high-carbon steel, carbon content of about 0.6%. In the particular context, the higher the carbon content of the steel through heat treatment, its hardness is higher, together with the fine grinding blade, the blade is very sharp. Art blade manufacturing skills than the average knife more upscale, and the blade will not be simply worn, the knife face will not be corrosive acid, these are the general knife can not do. Art blade with high hardness, corrosion-resistant, anti-wear, rust-resistant, sharp edge of the ultra-high quality, significant role in the time-sliced, and healthy and clean, easy to clean after use. Art blade due to corrosion-resistant, rust-free, easy to wear and other characteristics, so it is more useful than the average general tool. One of the most important reasons for its popularity is that the art blade is much simpler and easier to use than any other tool. It is much lighter than ordinary props and does not feel handy to use. Given the very sharp blade art, scratch the skin simply. Therefore, heavy demand in the local demand, to choose to buy a thicker blade to avoid the back too thin, scratch the skin.