Why should the tool be cold?

- Dec 01, 2017-

According to the survey, the tool is cold processed products down to 0 ℃ below the temperature, the quenching organization of the number of retained austenite, retained austenite into martensite, quenched the workpiece and then continue to refrigerate it.

Cold treatment temperature to be selected according to the MF point of steel. After quenching should be carried out immediately cold products, so as to avoid the long-term placement of retained austenite and produce cold treatment effect. In order to avoid the crack of complex workpieces, the workpieces with high dimensional stability should be strictly executed. The cold treatment should be strictly tempered to deal with the stress to form a new generation of martensite.

The work-piece does not need to be insulated when the product is cold-processed, only after the core temperature has reached the standard. After the cold treatment, the workpiece is taken out of the cold medium and slowly heated to room temperature in the air and tempered again. Cold treatment temperature is generally around 78 degrees below zero, the choice of cryogenic treatment temperature is mainly based on the temperature of Ms and MF steel, with the technical requirements of the parts are also closely related.

Knife manufacturers said that the cold process has its own value, through the cold knife has a certain product advantages.
First of all, the cooling speed, can quickly reach the desired temperature.
Second, the environment will not be destroyed, the refrigerant medium for compressed air.
Third, the temperature range in which work is performed is large.
Fourth, easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to rectify.
Improve the value of the product and work efficiency.