Plastic Bag Opener

Plastic Bag Opener

Fresh ABS plastic body
28*60*3.2mm product size
Cutter Net Weight: 4.4g

Product Details

The best Aids for Daily Living are the simplest ones. The design behind the Bag Opener is simple and easy to use, which provides top-ranked performa has a sharp point to puncture and slit open plastic bags. These cutters are sold in a package of an individual. Bring convenience and accessibility back into your lift with disabled products like this milk bag cutters.

. This Mini Bag Opener can open any plastic bags.

. The snippet is made from durable plastic and fitted with a sharp cutting blade.

. It is ideal for snipping open plastic milk bags, bacon, lunch meats, candies, etc

. Another handy kitchen item that saves looking around for scissors.

Mini Bag Opener

JC Mini Bag Opener is a handy little cutter to have around to neatly and safely open just about any type of packages. Works best on plastic bags. No need to rip, pull or tear open your favorite bag of chips, cookies, nuts, etc. Simply slide this compact cutter across the top of the bag and it will easily and safely open your bag.

. Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, and other colors.

. Made in China.

. Fresh ABS plastic body.

. 28*60*3.2mm product size.

. Cutter Net Weight: 4.4g

. Print area: 35*14mm

. MOQ: 20000PCS.

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