Retractable Stainless Steel Box Cutter

Retractable Stainless Steel Box Cutter

Stainless Steel 30 Degree Blade Rectrable Utility Knife
1. Easily operated with one hand.
2. Cuts ground cover sheets without getting snagged.
3. Made of sturdy, and rust-resistant stainless steel.
4. The thick and sharp knife for long time using.
5. It comes lightweight and small enough to carry.
6. Compact extended use for office, home.
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Product Details

Basic Information of Retractable Stainless Steel Box Cutter:


  1. Really is handy doing lots of things around the house.

  2. Needed something for precision cuts and this did the job

  3. Sharp, sturdy, precision. Can't find a better knife of this type.

  4. Great for building plastic models. Much better made than other "box cutters". 

  5. These pointier blades seem to be sharper than the standard blades. 

  6. Pre-loaded with a stainless steel snap-off blade

  7. Engraved on the back of this knife you'll find a handy inch ruler.

Introduction of 9mm Retractable Stainless Steel Box Cutter:

Probably you should have expected the model. Although it's cheap cutters, comes from excellent performance. We're sure these retractable craft stainless steel cutters great for general cutting, mostly used for home, office, factories, warehouses, construction projects, cut tape, cord, strapping,  cardboard, or other packaging material. Snap off retractable razor blades knife designed to be lightweight and easy to carry and use. Standard duty rust resistant stainless steel snap-off blade knife with the stainless steel blade. Designed for right and left-handed use, with built-in blade snapper and pocket clip. The model actually not called an "Auto-Lock", because it doesn't auto lock in any way shape or form. Construction seems sound enough, and it is nice in slim so it fits in your pocket without taking up the whole thing.

Retractable Stainless Steel Utility knife

JC 9mm Retractable Stainless Steel Box Cutter Packing Details:

  • Craft Cutters Model:  JCS905

  • Craft Cutters size: 13.5X1.2X0.8CM 

  • Craft Cutters net weight: 12G 

  • Quantity per inner box: 60 PCS 

  • Quantity per master carton: 1200 PCS 

  • Inner box size: 18X16X7.5 CM 

  • Carton size: 38X34X40 CM 

  • Carton weight: 16 KGS


Q1:  What is the difference between this knife and JCS905

JCS906 is not with "Auto-lock" features, but JCS905 cutter has it.

Q2:  Is it a 9mm or 18mm cutter for the model?

It belongs to 9mm cutter, and also only pre-load with a 9mm replacement blade.

Q3: What's the MOQ for the Stainless Steel Cutters?

MOQ is 8000 PCS or depends on your products requirements. 

More quantity with favorable discount price.