Brief Analysis On The History Of Chinese Paper - Cut Art

- Dec 14, 2017-

Today's paper-cut art is mainly paper-based, using scissors, graver, utility knife and other tools to make. As an ancient, great and wise nation, China has given birth to countless skilled craftsmen since ancient times who used their own hands to create many ancient handicrafts. China's paper-cut art is a folk art craft that developed gradually after the invention of the iron-smelting technology and the paper-making technology in the Han Dynasty. Today, as the life is getting better and better, many folk crafts have lost their passions. I must say that this is economical A big loss in development.

In order to better help a new generation of young people to understand the depth and essence of paper-cut art, then let us walk into the art of paper-cut, to trace the history of the era of art ...

From the initial use of paper-cut scissors, scissors in silk, thin metal sheet cut or engraved "Huasheng", "Fangsheng", "people wins", and later gradually cut in paper products, engraved "cut the ribbon" "Cut wins", paper-cut has always been associated with the feudal period of worship, worship, ancestor worship, prayer and other feudal God worship activities. From the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, the art of paper-cut only gradually changed from simple human figures, flowers, birds and geometric shapes to the Tang Dynasty, forming various symbolic themes including the phoenix bird and the sashimi bird. From a monotonous understanding to the outside world, And delineated and developed to meet the needs of emotional exchange and righteousness. Folk paper-cut artists gradually incorporated images of life and production in real life into the creation of paper-cut themes. With the development of China's several thousand years of culture, the paper-cut art has been precipitated and accumulated in the historical trend, finally forming a folk art with a variety of meanings.