Ceramic Knife Structure And Purpose

- Dec 17, 2017-

High-purity ultrafine zirconia ceramic knives as raw material, the spray granulation, isostatic pressing, precision machining and other processes made of, with high hardness, corrosion resistance, chemical stability, high wear resistance and so on , Exquisite appearance, sharp sharp edges, is the real sense of never wear, never corrosive knife.

All hand-polished ceramic knife, each surface are inward arc was uniform, so as to ensure the maximum ceramic knife strength, while ensuring the smooth cutting. Hand-polished blade and knife surface uniform, high finish, easy to clean. Ceramic knife is a very popular green product in the world and has the reputation of "Noble Knife" in developed countries. Compared with the traditional steel knife, ceramic knife making more advanced technology, its soft color, always sharp edge, user-friendly hand design, you will certainly make your mood while working in the kitchen to become cheerful and cheerful.

From the high-end aerospace technology for the field of science and technology, expanding to industrial ceramic tool, the past two years is widely used in civil. Ceramic knife fully embodies the new century, the new concept of green materials, environmental protection, new fashion, feel the new life is the pursuit of human health and environmental protection of high quality of life; lightweight beautiful, fine polish through the appearance of adding noble and modern fusion Atmosphere, ceramic knife instead of a metal knife has become a trend.