Flexo Printing Ink Scraper Should Pay Attention To What

- Dec 08, 2017-

Ink transfer ink system scraper or not is optional, for the rough field printing or UV coating, there is no need to use a doctor, just adjust the pressure between the rubber roller and the anilox, it will A substantially uniform ink layer can be obtained. For the printing of general printing, should use the doctor blade, then the pressure between the rubber roller and the anilox roll should be smaller, to ensure that there is enough ink hit the doctor blade edge, so behind the doctor blade In order to get a uniform ink layer. In addition, the screws on the doctor blade holder should also be carefully adjusted. The screws can change the contact pressure between the doctor blade and the surface of the anilox roller. If the above method does not work, that is, still can not get a smooth and uniform ink layer, you can check the doctor blade to see if there is physical damage or Health, may also be a fixed doctor blade screw loose, causing the blade and the net Roller axis is not parallel. Do not scratch scrapers with tiny flaws, run them with other machines on the remaining empty printing units and use them until the defects have been rubbed off. A doctor blade can continue to be used over the life of a millimeter, even if it is worn to a few millimeters.