Grinding Points And Impact Factors Of The Utility Knife

- Dec 01, 2017-

Utility knife grinding intent: the workpiece is fixed scale calibration grinding, the workpiece surface polishing, the appearance of decoration processing, the workpiece paint film grinding. Abrasion durability: Abrasive power is reduced by up to 50% of the grinding power of the abrasive grinding length of the belt per square centimeter of touch with the wood.

Affect the quality of grinding elements of the exterior: With the increase of grinding speed, the height of the grinding surface roughness decreases, the greater the workpiece feed rate, the processing of the appearance of the unevenness height decreases, reducing the surface roughness, abrasive grain size The larger, the smaller the roughness of the grinding surface, the grinding pressure increases, the grinding depth is added, and the quality of the grinding surface is reduced.