How To Change Blades Off A Box Cutter

- May 03, 2018-

Step 1 – Removing away the old blade

If you found the blade is not sharp and cut something is a bit difficult, then it's time to replace the snap-off blade. How to change blades off a box cutter?  Now you only do is that take away the safety lock by the end of the safety box cutter , and simply lift the blade of that bolt.  If it's a regular blade, using the screwdriver unscrew the back part of the utility knife, and you should have access to the blade. The holding mechanism is about the same, and you may also find some spare blades inside the cover.

Step 2 – Putting the new blade inside

We will match with different material of blades, like carbon steel, SK5, ceramic blades. Some cutter inside with extra replacement blades , another box cutters with has separate blades in one plastic tube (10pcs).  For snap-off blades, fix the blade onto the bolt of the button and slide it in. For the other type, simply put it in place and place the button to hold it. Push the bottom cover into place, or place the back cover and screw it, then you will finish the job.

how to change blades off a box cutter.jpg