Materials For Plastic Cutter /knives/utility Knife

- Mar 18, 2018-

Materials for plastic cutter /knives/utility knife


ABS,  PS, and PP are our main production materials.




ABS have Good toughness, impact resistance, wear resistance, stability in size, but weak bending strength and compression strength in plastics.

ABS plastic has a vast source of raw materials, low prices, easy to molding and impact performance and other characteristics.


2, PS- Polystyrene :


PS Generally can be colorless transparent particles, products hard like glass, burning can pull smoke and turpentine flavor, landing metal sound, can be broken. The disadvantages are crispness, low impact strength, easy stress cracking, poor heat resistance and resistance to boiling water.


3,PP -Polypropylene:


PP Commonly known as "100 fold gum", is a translucent, semi-crystal thermoplastic.Non-odorless,non-toxic,low density ,is the lightest common plastic.The disadvantage is low temperature shock resistance,easy aging .


How to distinguish ABS, PS, and PP :


1, Use vision to identify:

PS material: transparent granular

PP material: Translucent granular

ABS material: Pale yellow grainy.


2, Use Combustion to distinguish:


PS: Easy to be ignited, will continue to burn when the source of the fire moves away, and Black smoke release.

PP material:  Easy to be ignited, will continue to burn when the source removed, no black smoke release.

ABS material: not easy to be ignited, will not continue to burn when the source of fire removed.