Stationary Cutter

Stationary Cutter

Product Model: JC402
Product size: 25G
Product weight: 15X4X1cm
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Product Details

JC Transparent Stationery Paper Cutter, 6 inches long is ideal for opening boxes, letters, 

the package, emergencies, crafts, cutting cardboard, soft metal, rope, etc. 

You can also use them to remove decals and paint.

They are handy to have whenever you need to cut thick material.

A great price on disposable box cutters. They're pretty cheaply made, but they still do the trick. 

All kidding aside, these are cheaply made and obviously disposable. But for a buck each,  

that is to be expected. If you want a knife to use every day all the time, these have served your purpose well though, and you will perfectly satisfied.

1. Product Introduction of the Stationary Cutter

- Transparent Utility Knife, Box Cutter.

- 7/14 Point Break-Away Replacement Blades

- Clear Or Colored Plastic Body, Colored Ends.

- Safety lock keeps the blade securely fixed on the desired position.

- Always a snap away from a fresh point.

- Box Cutter Utility knives are made for home, office, commercial.

2. Product Parameter of the Stationary Cutter.

- Product Model: JC402

- Product size: 25G

- Product weight: 15X4X1cm

- Quantity per inner box: 24pcs

- Quantity per master carton:576pcs

- Inner box size: 18X16X8.5CM

- Carton size: 50X38X36CM

- Carton weight: 17KGS