Pill Cutter For Small Pills

They are very easy to use and cuts any tablet so easily.
1.Net weight: 28.00 gram
2.The blade made from stainless steel
3.The cutting system of this item is easy
4.Pill cutter made for repeated use
5.It features varieties of color

Product Details

How does pill cutter work?

Simple cutting action cuts and divides medication efficiently with just a slight pressure applied by the user. 

The stainless steel blade is durable and easily cuts pills and tablets

Many of our button pill planners are endorsed by the clients for our easy-to-use design. 

This pill cutter for small pills or big pills.

The main features of the pill splitter include a compact design allows for discreet storage and easy transport.

Does its safety shield, which protects your fingers from the razor-sharp blade, is another, as is the unit's 

remarkably easy operation and reliably simple design.

Want to perfect for keeping your medications and vitamins organized? Contact us for more information!

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