18mm Safety Box Cutters

18mm Safety Box Cutters

18mm Snap Off Blades, Retractable Razor Box Cutter Knife
1. The blades are 18 mm with snap off points.
2. Its grooved body is comfortable to hold.
3. Dependable choice for office supplies.
4. Designed for use in the medium business.
5. Necessary cutting tools.
6. Manual-Lock Snap off Blade.
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Product Details

Basic Information on 18mm Safety Box Cutters:

  1. It's durable plastic box-cutting knife, enhanced grip, and comfort while you use it.

  2. The locking system enhances safety by holding the blade in place.

  3. Pull the back button blade will be stopped safely.

  4. Blade snapper at rear for safe removal of used blades.

  5. 5 colors bestseller knives assorted.

  6. The color of the product varies depending on the batch.

  7. Perfect to open the box, carton. Perfect for all household and office cutting.

Introduction of 18mm Safety Box Cutters:

It can be used for all household and office cutting-open boxes, cartons. and cut all kinds of materials. Per with 1 piece 7 or 14 segments carbon steel, SK5 or ceramic blade which can be break off easily with end black cap slot when blade header blunt. Push the color block on the back cap, pull the black cap out, anyone can refill new blades. A utility knife is an essential tool that everyone should have at hand at all times. Each JC utility knife is sharp and rust-resistant. The safety lock design which will safely lock the blade in place. All of them are compact and pocket-size. The retractable and smooth mechanism makes it one-handed operable for blade adjustment. Be caution with a sharp blade! Retract the blade when unused.

18mm safety utility knife

18mm Safety Box Cutters packing details:

  • Box Cutter Model: JC402

  • Box Cutter  Product Size: 15X4X1CM

  • Product weight: 25 G

  • Quantity per inner box: 24 PCS

  • Quantity per master carton: 576 PCS

  • Inner box size: 18X16X8.5 CM

  • Carton size: 50X38X36 CM

  • Carton weight: 17 KGS


Q1: Do the blades have a single or double edge?

The model blade is a double edge.

Q2: Is 18mm or 9mm cutter?

The safety box cutter is an 18mm retractable plastic knife.

Q3: Where is your loading port?

Ningbo or Shanghai, China or else port as for your request.