Snap Blade Box Cutter

Snap Blade Box Cutter

18mm Retractable Utility Knife Positive Lock Snap-Off Blade
1. Heavy duty utility tool set.
2. Adjustable Positive Lock.
3. Strap or Cord Hole Option.
4. Overall length of Unit approx: 6.0".
5. Have a super positive lock.
6. Utility blade 18mm wide replacement blade.
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Product Details

JC 18mm Snap Blade Box Cutter Brief Introduce:

  1. These utility blades are razor sharp, have a metal guide track for the blade.

  2. These are professional cutting utility blades. They are great for many uses.

  3. Widely applied in the household, commercial, warehouse, or industrial use.

  4. Utility knife with a safety mechanism locks the blade at any length for maximum flexibility.

  5. Rigid stainless steel barrel provides smooth action and corrosion resistance.

  6. High impact ABS and polymer construction for comfort and durability.

18mm Snap Blade Box Cutter Detail Information:


Durable and ergonomic bi-material handle with non-slip handle. Knife includes a strap attachment hole for attachment to the belt or work uniform. This knife can be refilled with most standard 18x100mm replacement snap-off blades. Refill blades are available from us and most hardware stores. Blade locking system using a ratcheting wheel for greater control. Blade snapper cap for speed and safety of the user. High impact metal and polymer construction for comfort and durability. Stainless steel barrel for long life and protection against corrosion. The knife has a great grip and popping off the old blade for a new one is very easy. It has made cutting thick chipboard very easy. The knife felt wonderful in the hand and the blades are very sharp. High quality and highly recommend!

Snap Blade Box Cutters

Snap Blade Box Cutter Packing Parameter:

  • Cutter Model: JC307

  • Quantity per inner box: 28X21X16CM

  • Quantity per inner box: 24pcs

  • Quantity per carton: 240pcs

  • Carton size: 63X30X44CM

  • Carton weight: 16KGS


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