Tool Shop Utility Knife

Tool Shop Utility Knife

JC Yellow PVC Anti-Slip Rubber Grip Utility Knife
1. Handle offers a soft, PVC antislip grip.
2. Snap-off blade maintains sharp edge.
3. Match with 18mm wide blade.
4. Straight cutting style.
5. One spare blade stored in knife hand.
6. Premium quality and lower price.
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Product Details

JC 18mm Compact Tool Shop Utility Knife Brief Introduce:

  1. Heavy-duty knife offers a stainless steel chamber and auto safety lock.

  2. Dimensions: 8.5 inches length x 3.0 inches width x 0.7 inches height.

  3. With rubber ergonomic grip handle heavy duty razor snap-off blades.

  4. Blades can be a clip of really easy once they lose their edge.

  5. This utility knives kit is the perfect addition for any tool box.

  6. This orange and black knife is comfortable design.

  7. They are great quality, a good tool in your home, warehouse, workshop.

The 18mm Snap Blade Utility Knife Detail Information:

From cutting carpet to opening packages, this snap blade utility knife is the ideal cutting tool. The utility knife has an easy snap-off blade to provide a new cutting edge as needed. Three spare blades come stored in the handle. Ergonomic rubberized handle. This orange and black knife is 6 inches long.  With an ergonomic rubber handle that gives your hand a comfortable grip and a secure hold for those hard cuts. Sharp and heavy-duty utility knives, no more worries about dull blades, our retractable knives are strong and durable. This retractable utility knife is a premium quality heavy-duty knife. Great for opening boxes, cutting cardboard boxes. and more. They are long lasting and heavy duty. 

Tool Shop Box Cutters

Tool Shop Utility Knife Packing Details:

  • Utility Knife Model: JC306 (319)

  • Utility Knife Size: 16.7X4.5X2 CM

  • Product Net Weight: 83 G

  • Quantity per inner box: 24 PCS

  • Quantity per master carton: 240 PCS

  • Inner box size: 28X21X12 CM

  • Carton size: 63X30X44 CM

  • Carton weight: 21 KGS


Q1: Is this item easy to use?

Yes, it's durable, easy to work, the best Retractable knife out in the market.

Q2: What's the MOQ for your production?

The MOQ is 15,000 pcs or depends on your products requirements.

Q3: What's the delivery date for the model?

It will depend on the quantity and packing. Normally around 3-4 weeks.