Utility Snap Blade Box Cutters

Utility Snap Blade Box Cutters

Retractable Snap Off Razor Blade Box Cutter Tool
1. 18mm slide lock box cutter.
2. The cutter can hide the sharp blade.
3. keeping it safe when not being used.
4. With varying vibrant colors.
5. TPR comfortable grip and handle.
6. Quality work blades for commercial use.
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Product Details

18mm Utility Snap Blade Box Cutters Brief Introduce. 

  1. Utility Knife Set for Cutting Fabric and Raw Materials.

  2. Heavy Duty Industrial Box Cutters for Home and Business.

  3. Blade snapper cap for speed and safety of the user.

  4. High impact metal and polymer construction for comfort and durability.

  5. Stainless steel barrel for long life and protection against corrosion .

  6. Durable and ergonomic design of the box cutter.

  7. With non-slip rubberized TPR hand grip.

More information about the 18mm Utility Snap Blade Box Cutters.

It features a small adjustable handle that moves up and down, allowing the blade to be different sizes in length. The snap blade is ideal for slicing packaging tape and depending on the size of the snap knife,  it will cut through card board as well. Smaller sized snap blade knives allows creases to make into cardboard in order that it could be folded away and disgarded that way. Snap blade knives are perfect for stepping into toys, gifts that are packaged in boxes. Utility knives come in a variety of sizes and  shapes. Most utility knives are made so that the razor blade can be hidden inside the handle of the knife.  Most knife blades need to be replaced over time. Replacements can be purchased at any local hardware store  for all general box cutting knives.

Utility Snap Blade Box Cutter

Packing Information: 

  • Cutter Model: JC303

  • Cutter Product Size: 20X5X2 CM 

  • Cutter Product Weight: 114 G 

  • Quantity per inner box: 12 PCS 

  • Quantity per master carton: 144 PCS 

  • Carton size: 63X22X38 CM 

  • Carton weight: 18KGS


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