All Purpose Utility Knife

All Purpose Utility Knife

JC 9mm All Purpose Utility Knife With TPR+PP Handle
1. Stainless steel blade channel for the cutter.
2. Anti-slip and acetone-resistant handle.
3. No need tools for changing the blade.
4. The product is easy to use and handle.
5. 9Mm snap knife detail cut.
6. Long lasting, durable and sharp-featured.
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Product Details

Basic Information of  9mm JC All-Purpose Utility Knife:

  1. High-quality PP + TPR material and ergonomic design.

  2. Providing excellent comfort and grip to prevent slipping.

  3. Designed for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention.

  4. Preloaded with an ABB Ultra Sharp snap-off Black Blade.

  5. A rubber grip provides extra stability and control for this JC Utility Knife.

  6. Quality work blades for hobby or commercial use.

  7. Features an automatic blade lock.

Introduction of JC 9mm All-Purpose Utility Knife:

The all-purpose utility knife is to use in office stationery, warehouses, construction projects   The retractable snap-off solution in these blades will maintain a sharp edge for precision cutting.  It is not only sturdy, but its handle is also resistant to acetone. You'll appreciate the steadiness of the knife when you use it to cut cardboard, shrink wrap, package, drywall, roofing, leather, vinyl,  window film, wallpaper, foam board, and other materials. Keep one knife in the house, one in the basement and another in the garage, so you'll always have one close at hand. These are really convenient, nice and worth their cost. The ability to replace the blade is a huge plus. This is small and kind of flimsy compared to other bigger knives, but for what is intended they are pretty good.

All Purpose Box Cutter

JC 9mm Allway Retractable Utility Knife Packing Details:

Utility Knife model: JC104

Utility Knife size: 13.5X2.5X1.5 CM

Product weight: 26 G

Quantity per inner box: 24 PCS

Quantity per carton: 576 PCS

Inner size: 18X16x8.5 CM

Carton size: 50X38X36 CM

Carton weight: 15.5 KGS


Q1:  How long does it usually take you to make the delivery?

In general, we would finish the mass production around 3-4 weeks after approving the

shipping sample and packing details.

Q2:  When will the goods reach our port?

It will be taken around 32-36 days for European countries port. 7-12 days for Asian countries.

35-40 days for North and South American countries.

Q3: What about the method of delivery?

Due to our products are heavy goods, we usually suggest our customer transport by sea or railway.