Window Scraper Blades

Window Scraper Blades

Model item: JCTMMA
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Product Details

window scraper blades with all-purpose blade features a thick base and razor sharp edges

Ideal for safety cutter, window scraper, these window scraper blades come in a plastic box for safety and convenience uses.

window scraper blades tough enough to work with some heavy-duty materials.

1. Product Introduction of the window scraper blades
2-notch design allows each utility blade to extend further for deeper cuts
Carton steel or more durable SK5 material.
Making it an ideal blade for construction work, home decor and others.
Blades cut card stock, cardboard, leather, rope, soft metal etc.
Each 10 blades pack with re-usable plastic case or other.

2. Product Parameter of the window scraper blades
Product Model: JCTMMA
Product size:  
Product weight:  
Carton size:  
Carton weight: