18mm Knife Blades

18mm Knife Blades

18mm Replacement Blades
Blade thickness: 0.4mm / 0.5mm
Blade with 13 cutting points
Blades are hardened
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Product Details

Snap-Off Blade Knives and most other 18mm snap-off blade knives 

• This technology is available in 2 styles, regular utility-style, and snap-off style blades 

• Edge is engineered to allow the blade to last 80% longer – more clean cuts versus torn material from a dull cutting edge! 

• Perfect notch to break and get a sharp point again.

• Heavy-duty snap-off blades

• Designed for maximum cutting performance and ideal for applications where superior sharpness is required 

• Made from high-quality steel that provides flexibility and prevents breakage under normal working conditions.

• Ideal for construction and industrial applications

• Pack of 10 pieces replacement blades in one small plastic box.

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