Ceramic Single Edge Razor Blades

Ceramic Single Edge Razor Blades

Replacement blades fit most utility knives or scraper.
Superior wear resistance.
Much longer lasting blade life.
High corrosion resistance.
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Product Details

Ceramic Razor Blades From OPS.

  1. Non-magnetic, non-metallic, and non-conductive. 

  2. Low coefficient of friction.

  3. High resistance to heat. 

  4. Submicron grain structure yields keenest possible cutting edges.

Ceramic blades

Ceramic blades are widely used in many cutting applications:

Razor slitting operations for plastic film, metal foil, and paper. 

Capacitor manufacturing, via green ceramic cutting and circuit board trimming for the electronics industry. 

Pill cutting for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Graphics industry, such as computerized cutting of signs and mat board.

Surgical devices - typically where non-magnetic properties enable use in MRI-type environments. 

Note: Due to high hardness, ceramic blades are not recommended for high-shock or high torque applications.

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