Snap off Blades

Snap off Blades

Product Model: JC9MM
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Product Details

Snap off blades 9mm blades, rust proof blades, Package contains 10 blades.

Long term supply higher quality and more cost-effective Snap off blades. Fits most 9mm Utility knives, snap off knife, box cutter etc

Snap off blades Designed to maximize cutting performance and durability
1. Product Introduction of the Snap off blades

Packed in one hard plastic case which it will be easily fits in any toolbox, drawer.
9mm blades are great for cutting cardboard, paper, wall covering etc.
The replacement blade with 12 cutting points.
Carbon steel is most materials, also have ceramic material alternatives.
Great for fast-production cutting, where quick blade replacement

2. Product Parameter of the Snap off blades
Product Model: JC9MM
Product size:
Product weight:
Carton size:
Carton weight: